Private Sessions and Coaching

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Would you feel more comfortable with one-on-one sessions instead of a group workshop?
I offer private educational sessions and coaching, including a Bodysex Workshop for one.
Any work that we do together will be tailored to your specific needs. We can meet virtually via Zoom or in-person if you are near Cleveland, Ohio.

Private coaching does not require full nudity. For Genital Show and Tell and pleasure coaching you can keep most of your clothing on.  As your coach, I remain fully clothed.

The base price for private coaching is $150 per hour.

A Bodysex® Workshop for One is $500 
Includes four hours of education and/or coaching.
If more time is desired, the additional charge is $125 per hour/$65 per half-hour.

Virtual Bodysex® Workshop for One Outline
Our work together can be modified to suit your individual needs. During the workshop and for a full year afterward, you’ll have access to photos, video, and audio to support your journey on my course website, Pleasure.Education. 


  • Session One: Educational (60 minutes)
    We’ll talk about your history and go over the different vulva styles and pleasure anatomy. Your “homework” before the next session will be doing a daily vulva massage.
  • Session Two:  Coaching or Education (45 minutes)
    Genital Show and Tell and Guided Exploration of pleasure – We can make this a coaching session where I talk you through your exploration while we’re together or I can tell you how to explore on your own before our next session.  Your “homework” before the next session will be doing a daily genital massage and exploring pleasure with your fingers.
  • Session Three: Educational (60 minutes)
    We’ll talk about the different kinds of orgasm, how to penetrate yourself, how to use a vibrator, and go over different masturbation techniques: the Rock and Roll, the Pillow Fuck, and Yoga Style. Your “homework” will be to continue vulva massage, fingering, and adding the vibrator.
  • Session Four: Education or Coaching (45 minutes)
    We’ll talk about what feels pleasurable to you. I’ll coach you through doing the Rock and Roll and other techniques. Your “homework” will be to continue pleasuring yourself with these techniques until our next session.
  • Session Five: Discussion (30 minutes)
    We’ll talk about how everything went for you and I can answer questions.

Payment is required to confirm an appointment or workshop.

  • Full payment for hourly coaching before our session
  • $250 deposit for Bodysex Workshop for One with balance due by the third session.
  • Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to another session or a Bodysex Workshop within one year of scheduled appointment.

Email for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to plan your own sessions.

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