Hello! I’m Laura Bogush

My pleasure and self-love journey started in my twenties

It took me 30 years to fall in love with myself 

I spent a long time going down the wrong path

I used to believe there was something fundamentally wrong with me

and that’s why I didn’t have the love that I wanted

so I spent years working to fix my many flaws


I didn’t feel adequate as a sexual partner

I didn’t think that my body was sexy enough

In putting my partner’s sexual needs ahead of my own, I lost touch with my own sexual pleasure


The funny thing was . . .

I thought that pleasing others would bring me pleasure and love

but it didn’t


Can you relate?  I know I’m not alone

This isn’t a personal problem, it’s much broader than that

Society sexualizes women without empowering our sexual pleasure

The Beauty Myth

The media teaches us that our bodies will never measure up to an idealized standard that’s only possible with Photoshop

The diet industry and plastic surgeons cash in when we believe that losing weight or a little nip tuck will make us more beautiful

The Orgasm Gap

Mind the gap: 95% of hetero men report they always orgasm during sex, while just 65% of hetero women do

Society teaches us that masturbating is for losers who don’t have a partner, reinforcing the idea that it takes two for real sex. Spoiler alert: Most women do not orgasm from vaginal penetration alone!

Slut Stigma

Religion teaches us that our genitals are shameful and enjoying sexual pleasure is sinful

We get a mixed message
It’s okay to like sex if it pleases our man, but don’t like it too much or have too many partners!

Inadequate Education

Typical sex ed courses teach girls and women about reproduction, menstruation, and don’t get pregnant! 

Pleasure isn’t even mentioned
The clitoris, the physical equivalent to the penis, and source of our sexual pleasure, is ignored





I found the right path to pleasure and self-love when I took my first Bodysex® Workshop. With the support of other women on the same journey, I learned about my pleasure anatomy, healed the shame I felt about my body, and developed an informed self-pleasure practice.


In 2016, I took my first Bodysex® Workshop with Betty Dodson. She was 87 years old at the time, and I was 57. 

It’s never too late to become sexually-liberated!

Bodysex® was my catalyst for change. My growth afterward was an evolution of what started in my first workshop. I began to accept, and even love, my aging, plus-size body. I explored pleasurable touch and developed an informed masturbation practice. I became more confident with my sexual partners. I stated my desires and asked for what I wanted unapologetically. I prioritized my own pleasure and self-care. I grew into loving my imperfect, beautiful self from the inside out. 

Self-pleasure, self-care and self-acceptance

foster self-love

Now I feel self-full. I don’t need or want a partner to complete me. I can share my sexuality with someone as an equal partner. I’m able to access my own sexual pleasure any time that I want. I value myself. I make my own needs a priority. And I’m having a LOT more fun! In and out of the bedroom.

Today I help women explore their sexuality, learn about pleasure anatomy, and master techniques that enable a more satisfying sex life. I believe that pleasure – and lots of it – is every woman’s birthright. And I also believe that self-pleasure fosters self-love.

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Art by Betty Dodson

More About Me

Fun Facts

  • Lake Erie is in my front yard
    I’m happy anywhere near water

  • Anything with polka dots makes me smile

  • I’m a cat lady
    Totally devoted to my Miss MaggieMoo

  • I have eclectic taste in music
    Both Doris Day and Lizzo are on my playlist

  • My pet-peeve: the misnaming of women’s genitals
    It’s a vulva, not a vagina!

  • My vulva is on Netflix!
    If you watch GoopLab Season 1 Episode 3 “The Pleasure is Ours”, you’ll see me in the gallery of vulva pics

Professional Qualifications

2018 Certified as a Bodysex® Facilitator by Betty Dodson® and Carlin Ross
2016 Bodysex® Workshop and Bodysex® Certification Workshop
2017 Bodysex Retreat with Betty and Carlin
2019 Bodysex Betty’s 90th Birthday Retreat

2020 Appointed to Betty A. Dodson Foundation Board of Directors
I help with the Bodysex Certification Program and co-facilitate the Study Group 

2020 Certified as a Revealed Facilitator by Dr. Juliana Hauser

2021 Graduate of the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program by Barbara Carrellas

Prior to 2018, I spent over 35 years in the field of education, as a:
First grade teacher, NEA local union president, Assessor/trainer for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Curriculum developer and creator of educational resources, College professor teaching courses at the graduate level

Carlin Ross, Betty Dodson, and me! May 2016

I believe that . . .

Women are sexual beings, capable of experiencing as much pleasure as they desire

The capacity for a woman’s sexual pleasure doesn’t have an expiration date

Pleasure and orgasms are healing and central to our well-being

The clitoris is a woman’s primary sensory sex organ
It’s not the vagina! Sex is so much more than PIV

Masturbation is the foundation of human sexuality

All women can orgasm with the right education, stimulation, and support

Every woman is the expert of her own body

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