Dates and registration for future Bodysex Workshops are pending, due to the current health crisis.

If you’d like me to notify you when registration is open, please email me at


Tentative Dates for future Cleveland Workshops:  Coming 2022!

Location:  30 minutes east of Cleveland, OH
Time:  1:00-6:00 pm each day
Tuition:  $675 

$200 deposit paid 4 weeks prior to workshop date
Fee includes Magic Wand  for participants to keep! (retail value $125)

Email to register or more information


Bodysex is the method developed by Betty Dodson, an icon in the field of sex education, to help women heal body shame and pleasure anxiety while exploring how to have better orgasms. It is inspired by women’s conscious raising groups where second-wave feminists gathered to share their first-person experiences. This two-day workshop will include personal sharing and participation in Bodysex rituals within a circle of supportive women. Workshop participants are nude; seeing real bodies helps us accept our own.  Participation in a Bodysex Workshop is truly transformative! This workshop is limited to ten participants.  It is usually held during a weekend, Saturday-Sunday, 1:00-6:00 pm.  The workshop includes a rechargeable Magic Wand  for you to keep.

Day One:
You’ll be greeted at the door and invited to take your clothing off before taking a place in the circle.
The circle will begin with deep breathing exercises.
After introductions, each will answer the questions: How do you feel about your body?  How do you feel about your orgasm?
Next comes Genital Show and Tell: This activity is a bonding moment. Each of us in the circle explores their vulva in the mirror with support from the group.
We will look at Betty’s vulva sketches, anatomical drawings, and the internal clitoral structure.
The day will end with a final sharing in the circle.

Day Two:
You’ll leave your clothing inside the door and take your place in the circle.
We’ll begin the circle with deep breathing exercises.
Each of us in the circle will share: How are you feeling? What did you do last night?
Next comes a demonstration of Betty’s Rock and Roll Orgasm technique and individual practice.
Demonstration and practice of additional techniques come next.
Erotic Recess follows, giving time to feel pleasure with any technique that feels comfortable. Orgasm isn’t the goal, but it may be experienced.
Group Massage is the final ritual, allowing each of us to receive compassionate, non-sexual touch.
The workshop closes with a final sharing in the circle.

Nonsexual touch is a comforting part of the Bodysex sisterhood. Examples include but aren’t limited to: holding hands in the circle, an arm around shoulders during genital show and tell,  touch during group massage, or a group hug at the end of the day. Any touch that is intended to produce a pleasure response will be done with your own hands. Your registration and attendance at a Bodysex workshop indicates that you consent to participate in nudity and nonsexual touch during a Bodysex workshop.  If you feel uncomfortable with being touched at any time, please speak up and withdraw your consent.

All women/vulva-owners of any age 18 or over, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation are welcome. If you are pregnant, menstruating, or menopausal, please join us. As long as you have a vulva/vagina, Bodysex is for you.

Everything that you need for the workshop will be provided, including bottled water and snacks. However, feel free to bring anything special that you might want, such as a preferred snack food or a favorite sex toy.  If you have your own Magic Wand and Betty’s Barbell, feel free to bring them as well.  If you do not want the Magic Wand included in the workshop fee, please contact Laura for a fee reduction.

Exact workshop location and address will be emailed to participants two weeks prior to the workshop date. If you are coming from out of town, you can contact Laura for hotel suggestions.

A deposit of $200 or full payment is required with your registration to reserve your place in the workshop. Registrations are accepted up to one week before the start of the workshop if space is available. Payment is accepted via Paypal (credit cards may be used), check, or cash. You can bring your final payment with cash or check to the workshop if you wish.

If you register for a workshop but are unable to attend, your $200 deposit is nonrefundable but can be applied to a future workshop registration within two years following your registered workshop. Any remaining amount paid will be refunded, less PayPal fees, if cancellation is made prior to the start of the workshop.

If you have questions at any time, please email me at  I’ll reply as soon as possible.

I hope that every woman has the opportunity to experience Bodysex.  I look forward to seeing you in the circle!