Private Coaching

Would you feel more comfortable with one-on-one sessions instead of a group workshop?  I offer private coaching which is like a Bodysex workshop for one.  Any work that we do together will be tailored to your specific needs.

I also offer a Basic Package that includes four total hours of coaching over three sessions at a discounted rate.
Session 1:  Discussion of sexual history followed by exploration of your vulva and pleasure anatomy (90 minutes)
Session 2:  Masturbation techniques are introduced with guided practice (90 minutes)
Session 3:  Follow-up discussion after practice at home (60 minutes)


60 minute session = $90

90 minute session = $135

Basic Package = $288
Includes two 90 minute sessions and one 60 minute session
Additional sessions if needed are $72 for 60 minutes/$108 for 90 minutes
20% off regular rate!


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