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Hi! I’m Laura

I help women explore their sexual pleasure and heal body shame
in a safe and supportive space.

Taking a Bodysex® Workshop started my evolutionary journey to discover more sexual pleasure and fall truly in love with myself. Today, I am self-full and comfortable in my own skin. It’s now my mission to carry that gift forward.

What is Bodysex?

  • Bodysex® is a process developed by the legendary sex educator, Betty Dodson®, PH. D.  
  • Bodysex® Workshops are designed to support women with compassion as they connect to their bodies, heal shame, and move fully into pleasure

  • The workshops include specific rituals, such as Genital Show and Tell, Vulva Massage, and Erotic Recess

  • Every woman heals herself through the Bodysex® rituals, sharing in the circle, and self-pleasure

  • The intimacy that is inherent in Bodysex® often creates a feeling of sisterhood among those who have shared this space together

Why Bodysex?

Our culture hinders every woman’s
normal sexual development

The natural process of genital exploration is typically shut down early for girls. As a result, women are disconnected from their genitals and physical pleasure.

Masturbation is the foundation of human sexuality. 

Girls and women are taught that our bodies must fit an unrealistic ideal

Most of us hold shame around the appearance of our genitals

Sex education for girls and young women focuses on reproduction, without any mention of pleasure.

I can hear Betty voice: “It’s a vulva, not a vagina! The vagina is the birth canal only”

We don’t even use  the correct words for our sexual anatomy

The clitoris, every woman’s primary sex organ, isn’t commonly recognized as the main source of sexual pleasure

The standard sexual model is that a man “gives” sex, and a women is expected to “receive” what is given and like it. If not, then there must be something wrong with her.

She either feels broken or that she wants too much.

TRUTH: Women have tremendous capacity for sexual pleasure


The clitoris is the only organ that exists exclusively for pleasure


The clitoral glans has about 8,000 nerve endings, more than twice as on the head of a penis


The clitoris does not lose its erection after orgasm, making it possible for multiple orgasms


But women aren’t taught about our anatomy

or encouraged to explore our own pleasure

“Sex is a skill that must be practiced”    -Betty Dodson®

Register now for the next Virtual Bodysex® Workshop with Laura!

Every Wednesday starting September 6th, 2023
and meeting weekly on Wednesdays with the last session on October 4th

7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Workshop is full

Tuition: $400
$200 deposit reserves your place

Art by Betty Dodson®

My clients say . . .

“Bodysex® is a cocoon where we can all feel free and safe to delve into the self-discovery that we so deserve. The process helps to make us not only feel ok with who we are but to genuinely love ourselves. A Bodysex® circle forever changed the way I feel about loving me.”

Liz, age 50, Bodysex® Workshop

“Being part of the Bodysex® workshop offered me new tools for my ongoing journey to come back into my body as a place of pleasure and possibility. It also gave me a powerful sense that women can and do support each other in finding new ways of being present to themselves, each other, and the world.” 

 A., age 30’s, Bodysex® Workshop

“The techniques that we learned about this week are really powerful. I had a much deeper and more satisfying orgasm during the Erotic Recess following the video.  I’m happy to learn some movements that don’t leave my vulva feeling numb – this is much more pleasurable.”

Joy, age 64, Virtual Bodysex® Workshop

“Virtual Bodysex® has enhanced my sexual pleasure. I have more tools in the tool box – lol!”

A.H., age 40, Virtual Bodysex® Workshop

“Vulva Sketches” art by Betty Dodson

Ready to discover more about Bodysex?

 Join me for the next Bodysex® Documentary via Zoom

Friday, August 4, 2023
8:00 pm EST

40 20 spaces available
Adult (18+) women and/or vulva havers only please

No charge! Register here!

Description:  Betty Dodson®'s Bodysex® documentary filmed in 2011 gives a peek into a real workshop led by Betty with six other women. It includes group sharing of experiences plus rituals such as Genital Show and Tell and techniques such as Betty’s Rock and Roll Orgasm. You will gain an awareness of female sexuality from a feminist perspective, an understanding of the vulva and pleasure anatomy, and an appreciation for female masturbation and orgasm.  This film is explicit and includes nudity, real vulvas, masturbation, and authentic orgasms. You'll learn from other women about female sexuality with openness and honesty. Film length: 1 hour 40 minutes. There will be time afterward for questions and discussion.

Register Here!

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In the media

Betty Dodson® and Bodysex® (and my vulva) are featured in the
Netflix series GoopLab, season 1, episode 3 “The Pleasure is Ours”


Sex Files: Betty Dodson “the Mother of Masturbation” Left Legacy
The Toronto Sun, November 15, 2020


Mutual Masturbation is the Solve to your Pandemic Sex Woes
MEL Magazine, November 2020


Workshop Highlight: Erotic Recess, Masturbation at Mothership ’18
Mothership Community Magazine, January 17, 2019

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