DIG into Your Sexuality

Discovery, Insight, Growth


A DIG workshop gives you an opportunity to explore your attitudes, values, and feelings about different aspects of your sexuality as you reflect on your sexual experiences. Specific questions and activities will guide you through your exploration in a supportive space with other women on the same journey. At the end, you’ll understand your sexual self better, gain self-acceptance, and claim your sexual power.

For more information, email Laura at BodysexCLE@gmail.com


DIG into Your Sexuality Overview

Our sessions together provide education around a specific topic within holistic sexuality along with guided activities that will help you explore that topic within your own experience. There will also be time in each session for first-person sharing.

After each session, additional activities are available on the course website for further self-exploration and reflection

Specifically this Workshop includes:

    • Ten weekly Zoom sessions (90 minutes each)
      plus one optional check-in/bonus session
    • Small group discussion with 4-6 women
    • Lifetime access to workshop resources on my website Pleasure.Education

Tuition: $500 Introductory rate $200
Full payment due before the start of the workshop


DIG Workshop Outline

Session One – Let’s get started: Meet other participants, create a safe space, review workshop outline and procedures
Session Two – How did you learn about sex? Examine your experiences with sex education and medical professionals
Session Three – What is your sexual identity? Explore your gender, orientation and family/social influences
Session Four – How do you feel about your body? Consider your relationship with your body and genitals
Session Five – What brings you pleasure? Delve into your relationship with pleasure, giving and receiving, self-pleasure, and sensuality
Session Six – What do you want? Explore your desire, behaviors, fantasies, and turn-ons
Session Seven – What is your relationship with sex and power? Consider your sexual dynamics and how power is used by you and over you
Session Eight – How do you experience relationships, intimacy, and love? Examine different kinds of relationships, levels of intimacy, and love in your life
Session Nine – How do you experience sexual empowerment? Delve into your own self-awareness, agency, and consent
**Week off to prepare your Sexual Declaration for final session: Optional check-in/co-working session available
Session Ten – Share our Sexual Declarations and Celebrate!


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