Laura, the “pleasure mama” at Bodysex Cleveland and Joyfully Orgasmic.

Hi! I’m Laura, Bodysex facilitator and “pleasure mama”. I am passionate about providing opportunities for women/vulva-owners to explore their sexuality, heal body shame, and maximize pleasure. It’s my goal to create a warm and safe space for self-exploration.

I first became aware of Betty Dodson’s work in the early 1990’s when I discovered her book, Sex for One. Her writing helped me reconnect with my body and sexual pleasure. Twenty-something years later, I was delighted to find Betty and Carlin’s website,  I attended my first Bodysex workshop in May 2016.  The experience of being in the circle with Betty and other incredible women was invigorating. It inspired me to become a Bodysex facilitator myself so that I can create space for other women to feel good in their bodies and enjoy independent orgasms.

You can read more about my journey and facilitating my first Bodysex workshop.. Since then, I’ve developed additional classes, such as the Self-Loving Workshop Series, designed to help women love their bodies and learn about sexual pleasure.

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