Lube is the #1 Sex Toy!

Never touch a clitoris with a dry hand!  Genitals feel more pleasure sensation and less friction with lubrication.  You can never use too much lube!  We use almond oil in our Bodysex Workshops.  It’s natural and slippery with almost no taste or smell. Your pussy’s unique scent and taste is more apparent with almond oil. My go-to favorite lube is coconut oil. It stays solid in the jar (below 75°) and melts when applied.  I love the texture, the smell and the taste too.  If you’re using condoms, be sure to choose a water-based, silicone, or hybrid lubricant. Read the labels and choose a lube without parabens, glycerin, and minimal chemicals.

Books and DVDs

Want to learn more? 

Here are some of my favorite books and DVDs. 


Books are PORN for the brain!


Sex for One: Betty Dodson’s classic ode to self-love.  This book was my intro to her work over 30 years ago.  It’s a must-read for all fans of Betty’s work.

Orgasms for Two:  Betty Dodson’s practical advice on how to have satisfying sex with a partner. This link goes to the Kindle version, with options for hard-cover and paperback.

Sex by Design: Betty Dodson’s autobiography tells her journey of sexual liberation while helping other women along the way.  This is an engaging, erotic and fun read!