Self-Loving Workshop Series

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2020 Dates coming soon!

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This series of four two-hour workshops will empower women/vulva-havers to love their bodies and enjoy better orgasms through small group sharing and discussion. Sessions can be taken individually, or participate in all four to maximize the benefit. Self-Loving Workshops are inspired by Betty’s Dodson’s Bodysex method but participants are not nude. Each session is limited to twelve participants.


My Body, My Vulva
How do you feel about your body?  How do you feel about your genitals? Our bodies have an incredible capacity to experience pleasure but traditional sex education focuses only on internal reproductive anatomy.  It’s time to appreciate the beauty of your vulva and learn about your pleasure anatomy.  Hello, internal clitoris!

Orgasm and Masturbation
How do you feel about your orgasm?  Social norms discourage women/vulva-havers from masturbation, yet that is how we learn to experience sexual pleasure.  Learn some new self-pleasuring techniques and tips for enhancing your orgasm.

Vibrators and Sex Toys
Vibrators and sex toys are not a modern invention!  Explore the different kinds of vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys. You’ll discover how to choose the right toy for you as well as gain some tips for using them. Feel free to bring your own favorite vibrators and sex toys for a fun “show and tell.”

Intro to Bodysex
Bodysex is legendary sex educator Betty Dodson’s method to heal body shame and enhance sexual pleasure while exploring orgasms through masturbation.  We’ll watch and discuss a video that shows a Bodysex Workshop, including rituals such as Genital Show and Tell and Erotic Recess.  This session ties together previous workshop sessions or can be a good intro if you haven’t attended the previous sessions.