Self-Loving Workshop Series

Fall dates coming soon!

Description:  Self-Loving Workshop Series


This series of four two-hour workshops will empower vulva-owners to love their bodies and enjoy better orgasms through small group sharing and discussion. Sessions can be taken individually, or participate in all four to maximize the benefit. Self-Loving Workshops are inspired by Betty’s Dodson’s Bodysex method but participants are not nude. Each session is limited to twelve participants.

Session 1: My Body, My Vulva
Participants share how they feel about their bodies. Images of vulvas are viewed and parts of female anatomy are identified and discussed

Session 2: Orgasm and Masturbation
Participants share how they feel about their orgasm and masturbation. A video of a woman masturbating is viewed and discussed.

Session 3: Vibrators and Sex Toys
Participants share their experiences with vibrators and sex toys. Different types of vibrators and sex toys will be examined. 

Session 4: Intro to Bodysex
Participants view and discuss Betty Dodson’s Bodysex documentary. This session ties together the previous workshop sessions or provides a good overview if this is your first session.

Upcoming Workshops


August 2 in Columbus

August 2 Columbus

August 17 in Cleveland

August 17 Cleveland